Monday, September 28, 2009

UFO Challenge/Contest Week 4 Progress

We are doing a UFO Challenge/Contest for September and I am working away on three different UFOs this month. Depending on the number that is chosen I get to work on a different one each day.
UFO List for September's Challenge/Contest
1. crumb blocks -- began with 35 total blocks (6inch blocks and 6.5 inch blocks mixed)
2. string blocks - began with 16 string blocks blocks and 16 TN blocks- this one will be called TN Strings (combined TN blocks and my String blocks together.)
3. red split nine patch blocks - began with 24 blocks

Day 22 - chose quilters choice .. I worked on my neices baby quilt instead of a UFO
Day 23 - chose UFO #1 ... I finished four blocks and started chain piecing several more
Day 24 - tchose UFO #1 ... I got several pieces almost large enough to call blocks. Slowly but surely I'll get enough for a quilt. My scrap drawer doesn't look like it's gone down any though.
Day 25 - chose quilters choice .. finished 5 crumb blocks and have several more started. Here's a picture of all the 6 inch blocks I have made so far.
Day 26 .. chose UFO #3 .. I was able to cut and then sew the pieces into rows for the last 16 blocks
Day 27 ... chose UFO #3 .. I presed the rows, sewed the 16 blocks together and laid them out and love how this one is going to turn out .. here all the blocks and the layout I am doing
Day 28 ... chose quilters choice ... I worked on my crumb blocks - I cut sashing and added it to the blocks I had made this week.
This was a nice month of progress don't ya think?
until next time ... happy quilting ... work on those UFOs and make some progress

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Babs said...

Those look GREAT! I especially love the Split 9 patch!