Tuesday, April 7, 2009

busy busy busy

We have just been really busy these last two weeks and this weekend is the Easter holiday so I am sure to have lots of company again this weekend but I enjoy every minute of it and it is all worth it in the end. Lots of laughs and happy memories.
This past weekend was DD's 14 Birthday (no way she is 14! seems like I just brought her home from the hospital last week) and we started celebrating Friday night with a sleepover and the girls and I along with DS made homemade pizzas, ate a yummy ice cream cake and watched movies. I swear some of the girls have never stepped foot in the kitchen before. They didn't want to get their hands dirty ;O)

DS had ball practice on Saturday and we got sunburnt (today is only 44 degrees so go figure). He did such a good job with practice and has improved with each practice. First game is Thursday night so we will see how well he does in live action.

Sunday most of my family came over for lunch and cake and ice cream for DD's Birthday. I made DD's favorite meal but way too much spaghetti and everyone took some home for their supper. We had a house full - there were 22 of us in my house. Loved it! Here are my kiddos along with most of my neices and nephews and my parents.

Sunday I managed to get up before the kiddos did and took advantage of the quiet and went out to take some pictures of the yard and the flowers in the early morning. I just love Spring and all the pretty colors the flowers bring to my yard.

until next time ... enjoy the day


Brenda said...

I know exactly what you mean that they can't be that age yet!! My oldest DD is going to be 18 in "7 1/2 months" as she loves to say to anyone who will listen {18 is legal age here} and I can not beleive my baby is almost old enough to go to the bar!?!?!!?? So, I completly get the fact that how can they be that old already!!

That sounded like a really good time this weekend!! I am waiting for the flowers to start to rear their little heads, but they have to get out from under the snow first, but it is melting, so that is the best. yesteday it had not been that warm since Nov. 2nd - so it's going in the right direction, finally!!
have a great week and enjoy your flowers!

Béa said...

I too love spring flowers after long days of snow...Thanks for visiting my blog
Hugs from France

Jan Mac said...

I love the photos on your blog and the kids look like they're having fun in the kitchen. I'll stop by again soon.
Hugs Jan Mac

Dragonfly Stitches said...

Love the pictures of your kids and your yard. You are such a lucky woman.

tirane93 said...

great kids, great flowers! you're a lucky gal!