Friday, April 10, 2009

Fabulous Friday

It's gonna be a Fabulous Friday! Why you might ask? Because ..... I am OFF and I get some SEWING TIME!!! YEAH!!! I think I am going throug withdraws here. I haven't sew in a couple weeks I think and it is calling me today. I have pulled fabrics last night to make my 30s blocks and some TN blocks and cut BOW bricks.

I'll be back with my updates later on today. Gonna also go to lunch with my neighbor friend. She stopped me while I was doing yardwork last night and hog tied me into going. She is a good neighbor friend. Let's see if she is going to get away with paying like she says. lol
I have company coming in this evening so I have housework to do too today. Darn! that'll cut into my sewing time! I am up kinda early so I am going to get started on some thing and multitask and get lots done today.

This is what I call multi-tasking ... when I cut all the bricks I needed for the swap I had leftover pieces of these fabrics. Well ... nothing goes to waste here remember ... the top shows extra bricks, smaller bricks, strings and crumb pieces. All will go into their proper places ;O) I am so happy I started doing this and trying to be organized. Now I don't have small pieces of fabric in my bins. They will already be cut waiting for me to use them up.
End of the day update ... it is now Saturday as I type but I did manage to finally get these six blocks done for the 30s block swap for a swap I am in. I did two with green as the pinwheel center and the rest with the pink. These are actually brighter happier fabrics than the picture shows.
Little man had his first ball game last night and I am so proud of him. He did just great. Got up to bat two times - got a base hit each time!!! Well ... he hit is both times, I think the second time they got him out on first. It was a great nail bitting game and all of them did wonderful. We lost 5-4 not bad for the first game of the season huh? ain't he cute in his uniform?

I am calling it a day and will start tomorrow with the TN blocks that I must finish this weekend!
until next time ... happy quilting


Brenda said...

I am glad you are going to have such wounderful day!! I don't know if I am going to have time to sew today, so please stich a few stiches for me too!!
And getting those loose fabrics to a place where they are completly useable, oh yeah, that's the best!!!
have a great weekend!!

mereth said...

Once you gert into the habit of cutting up scraps they seem much more manageable, and it's great having them all ready to use.

Babs Schmidt said...

love the black and whites! do you have more of the checked one on the left???? I'd love a few scraps of it :)