Sunday, April 19, 2009

rainy day fun

Yesterday was a rainy day to start off the weekend so I pulled out these projects and paint for us to do to have some fun together.

We painted little bird houses and stain glass window art. They all turned out cute. Little man didn't want to do the stain glass ones yesterday maybe I can get him to do those today. I plan on getting little suction cups to hang them on the kitchen windows. The bird house will be hung on a branch in a pot on the front porch like this sorta. It needs work but I think it will be okay. They planted the flower pots last spring and I haven't gotten any flowers for them yet this year.

We filled the rest of the day with movies, pizza and being outdoors when the rain left us. Even with the rain spoiling out planned trip to the zoo, we had a nice day together.

until next time ....

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